Bilby Awards

The Bilby Awards celebrate the contribution community radio makes to our community and to encourage high achievement within the sector. The awards are open to members, judged by community radio people and are assessed on creativity and excellence in broadcasting.

We are often asked for feedback about why certain entries don’t win. While we can’t offer feedback about individual entries we can provide some general information that will help your entries.

An entry will have the best chance of being understood by the judges if it is fully described; merely attaching a sample of audio with a station name does not provide enough context.

We now have a separate entry form for each category. This will help you to better describe the context of the entry and will make judging easier.

Please use the correct form for each entry and email each entry separately to ensure attachments such as audio and images stay with the entry. To access the entry form click on the category heading below.

When you have completed your entries:

  • Check that you have the correct names for potential trophy/certificate
  • Use a separate email for each entry
  • Attach any audio and images to the email
  • Email to using the category name as the subject
  • Check that you receive notification that the entry has been received

This will make sure all entries are received, judged in context and on an equal basis

Community Engagement
Excellence in promoting your station within your community to encourage your community to get involved with your station.

Youth Contribution
Contribution to a station or stations by a person under 25 years. In recognition of the value of having young people engaged in community broadcasting.

Volunteer of the Year
A valued volunteer in community broadcasting – someone who gives their time for the benefit of a station or stations and their community.

Excellence in coverage of sport within your community. Single program, series, interview or reporting that is not generally covered by other media and engages your local community.

Outside Broadcast
OBs are a chance to get out there and broadcast in the heart of your community. Simple, complex, big or small; this award recognises effort, community engagement and success for your station.

Station Production
This message shows creativity and effectiveness at promoting your station, a program or segment or a sponsor.

It’s not just who you are interviewing, it’s what they say or how they say it. Content should be interesting, unique or present an alternative view to the mainstream.

Best Radio Program
Music or Spoken word program. This is a program that engages listeners and presents a different perspective on the genre or subject matter.

Local Music
Every community has music. This is for the program that best supports your local musicians, singers or composers. Single program, series, ongoing program or live event.

Excellence in First Nations Programming
This is for a program, segment or interview that delivers a First Nations’ voice to your community.

Excellence in Ethnic & Multicultural Programming
This is for a program/segment or interview that delivers an Ethnic or Multicultural voice to your community.

Can’t Get Out Of The Car
A segment so riveting you want to keep listening to it, no matter what. Serious, funny, interesting or just plain weird!