Bilby Awards 2014

The Bilby Awards celebrate the contribution community radio makes to our community and encourages high achievement within the sector.
The awards are assessed on creativity and excellence in broadcasting and judged by a panel of community radio members.

Winners of the 2014 Bilby Awards:

Can’t Get Out Of The Car

Winner – The Man Cave – Julian Tregenza, Terry Boylan and Simon Lockwood, Rox FM

It was a date with your mates, and your mates’ date in the Man Cave. Dr Simon Lockwood conducted a prostrate check live on air to demonstrate how easy it is to prevent sickness and ill health, and by addressing a serious topic in a lighthearted way show the men of Roxby Downs how much better prevention is than cure.

Runner Up – Random Acts of Christmas – Don Reddin, Life FM

Random Acts of Christmas was a promotion run by Life FM in December last year. Listeners nominated people in their life who make an impact on their community, family or friends. Presenter Don was unaware of the detail of Carmel’s story and he managed her revelations with empathy and professionalism.


Winner – Kirsten Jones interviewed by Annie Hastwell, Radio Adelaide

At 21, Kirsten Jones has been effectively managing her own money since she was 16. It was when she moved into a new home of her own and let Centrelink know about the her move that she fell into the income management net. Annie Hastwell spoke with her about the experience.

Runner Up – Yeah Boy interview, by Ryley Smithson and Tom Martin, Fresh 92.7

Fresh 927 spoke with Johnny Castro, known as Yeah Boy, about his solo EP. With conversation cut into the full playout of the EP, Ryley’s natural rapport with Johnny produced an interview of very high standard as Johnny discussed the creative process in writing a song, being a musician in Adelaide and how South Australia has influenced his career.

Local Music Program

Winner – Fresh Air, Fresh 927

Fresh Air has aired for more than a decade, giving local musicians, bands, singers, producers, Mcs and Djs a voice and a platform to have their music heard. DT and Savvy have extensive experience in media and music, not just presenters but also mentors, supporters and genuine fans of local music.

Runner Up – Songcatcher – Claire Thackray, Adrian Miller & Clayton Werner, Radio Adelaide

Each week Songcatcher talks to a songwriter about the how and why of turning their musical ideas into song. Most weeks, guests play live acoustic in the studio. Songcatcher loves giving local talent an opportunity to be heard on air and give insights in to their songwriting.

Station ID, station promo or program promo

Winner – Fresh 927 Birthday Block Party – Tom Martin, Marty Haros & Zane Dean, Fresh 92.7

The Fresh 927 Birthday Block Party played to the idea that the cold was coming to Adelaide so listeners should Celebrate before we Hibernate! The message also played to Freshs’ pop culture listenership with a Game of Thrones reference.

Runner Up – Choose Your Own – Karin Petrus, Coast FM

Choose Your Own is a 3 hour request program with the motto ‘if we have it we will play it’. Karen put together a promo that gets listeners attention and ensures the requests flow in every Saturday night.

Runner Up – Tribe Best Friend – Damian Hancock, Tribe FM

Damo produces Ids that are comical, creative and effective. Tribe Best Friend is a gentle, friendly, effective message that listeners must surely sing along to when they hear it!

Sponsorship Message

Winner – Fruit STD – Tom Martin, Jack Miller, Steve Hart & Marty Haros, Fresh 927

The Fruit STD message for the Shine Clinic promoted safe and responsible sex. To prevent and accidental offense and increase the pleasurable consumption of the message, words synonymous with sex or STDs were replaced with different fruit. A funny and entertaining way to get an important message across.

Runner Up – Melbourne Cup @ The Club – Julian Tregenza, Rox FM

Promoting a Melbourne Cup lunch by putting on his best John Tapp race calling voice, emphasising the 3 clear favourites and breaking away from the field in the final furlong. Engaging, witty and bang on message, this cleverly scripted message is in a class of it’s own!

Outside Broadcast

Winner – On Hindley Street – Chris Brunner, Don Balaz & Lucy Kingston, Radio Adelaide

On Hindley Street was a poetic music documentary that explored the layered history of our city and a rehabilitated red light district. The story of Hindley street was told through the eyes of a jaded journalist, a sultry nightclub singer and a world weary poet. Featuring live performance from the Soul Box cabaret club and including sound, live music, live poetry readings and journalism, it told the story of a seedy side of Adelaide. An innovative and engaging OB.

Runner up – Salisbury Secret Garden – PBAFM Volunteers Team, PBAFM

During the Fringe the volunteer team at PBAFM pulled out all the stops to produce the biggest OB the station has ever done. Held at the Salisbury Secret Garden in the civic square, fringe artists were interviewed and a surprise performance by a local musician topped of the evening. A massive effort for the team!

Sports Broadcast

Winner – The Scoreboard with Gotcha, Dags & WhackerPackerWarren, RoxFM

Sport is an integral part of the Roxby Downs community, facilities include netball, basketball, football, cricket, swimming, soccer, squash, tennis, golf, lawn bowls, darts, motor cross, martial arts and dirt circuit. It’s difficult to find a resident who’s not involved in one of these clubs. The scoreboard airs weekly and is presented by broadcasters and sporting identities Gotchy, Dags and WackerPackerWarren, giving a run down of all the sports in the community as well as interviews that get to the heart of the athlete. As one listener said – Pizza and the Scoreboard, Thursday nights, nothing better!

Runner Up – On Yer Bike, Chris Komorek & Michael Roelink, Radio Adelaide

Chris and Mike returned for a second season of Radio Adelaide’s Tour Down Under. As well as exclusive rider interviews and analysis of each stage, attention was turned to what makes an elite cyclist tick. With input from a sports dietician, a sports psychologist, a sport physiotherapist and a retired pro-cyclist they deconstructed the elite cyclist.

Community Engagement

Winner – Life FM Roadies – Pete Scriven, Jodie Falco & Nicole Muir, Life FM

Life FM Roadies promote the station and enables direct connections with the Adelaide community. Life FM Roadies visit shopping centres, community events and station sponsored events. They also reward other volunteers for their contribution through their Heart for Adelaide Award. Feedback and comments from listeners are recorded and broadcast during the Breakfast show. The Life FM Roadies are a dedicated team of volunteers who actively engage with the community; by putting themselves out in the community and not only listening to feedback but giving everyone the chance to hear it.

Runner Up – Lest We Forget, Anzac Day 2013, Vietnam Veterans & David Hearn, Coast FM

This year Coast brought the Dawn Service to those people who could not attend, producing a 6 hour broadcast that celebrated the values of courage, enterprise and duty as exhibited by ANZACS across all wars. The broadcast included members of the RSL & The Vietnam Veterans Association and referenced ANZAC contribution from WW1 through to young service men and women today. Following the broadcast, Coast was flooded with calls of appreciation. This project demonstrates the in depth knowledge that Coast has of a section of their community of interest and how to engage that community.

Small Station of the Year

Winner – 100.5 WOW FM

WOW FM is a sub metro station based in Semaphore. Its community interest is the western suburbs, from Outer Harbour through to Grange and across to Woodville – in fact we are in their licence area right here!
WOW have come a long way in the last 12 months. They have commissioned a studio upgrade, installed an automated playout system, achieved planning for a new mast to improve transmission (if you were at the conference last year you might remember the seeds of that being sown), done their first OB at the Semaphore Street Fair and engaged with some of their community through a residents picnic at a low income housing estate. The achievements of WOW volunteers have made them the SACBA Small Station of the year.

Volunteer of the Year

This year we were overwhelmed at the response to this category, with 9 entries received, demonstrating the respect that stations have for their volunteers.

Winner – Rob Tilmouth, Happy FM

Rob came to Happy FM a little over 10 years ago, with experience in ABC National radio as well as community stations in Adelaide. Rob has a deep love for and appreciation for country music and is highly respected in the Australian Country Music Industry.
The dedication Rob has to Happy FM is immense. He walks to the station 4 days a week, presenting the Morning Magazine Monday to Friday, often conducting interviews with top level country musicians. Rob has been a judge for the Tamworth Country Music Awards for the last 2 years.
Rob has previously undergone corneal transplant surgery; such transplants have a limited life and now Rob’s eyesight is rapidly fading. He has very restricted vision and recognises fellow volunteers by their voices. Rob is unable to have further surgery and will soon lose what little vision he has. Despite this visual impairment, Rob has transferred more than 90,000 music tracks onto the station playout system. Rob has a super sized computer screen that he sits immensely close to. He sources music and classifies it so presenters have easy access to specific genres. Rob is scrupulous in keeping the system up to date and accurate.
Rob’s ability to achieve so much is an inspiration to all at Happy FM. He continues to contribute when, for many, it would be easier to stay at home. His passion for and dedication to the station is an excellent example for a community radio volunteer and makes him a worthy winner of Volunteer of the Year.
Congratulations Rob!

Runner up – Eileena Muraca, Tribe FM

Eileena came to Tribe with experience in community television and radio, joining during a particularly volatile and unsettling period. Bringing a bubbly demeanor and a can-do attitude she learned about many aspects of the station and joined the board as secretary. Structures and systems began to take shape and Tribe members noticed a vibrancy and energy about the place with clear direction that was previously lacking. Whether it be speaking to accountants, writing grant submissions, attending copious internal and external meetings, taking and making hundreds of phone calls, leading planning for technical aspects and organising training for the board, it is not uncommon for Eileena to devote 12 plus hours a week on Tribe business. To do this while maintaining a full time job is remarkable – to do it with purpose, humility, a propensity to listen and communicate and with a big smile and a good heart to all at Tribe FM, is invaluable.

Youth Contribution

The SACBA board wanted to recognise the contribution made to community broadcasting by young people (aged under 25 and under). We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to integrate into a sector that is predominately of another generation. We see the energy and enthusiasm of young people and want to publicly acknowledge these contributions. So, for the first time, we have an award for Youth Contribution.

Winner – Leroy Doran, Rox FM

Leroy came to Rox 4 years ago, as a 14 year old. In that time he has presented his own weekly show; then added Friday drive to his on air presence. Leroy loads the news each morning and volunteers for all of the community events, promoting a positive and engaging image of Rox and young people.
Leroy encouraged his family to get involved and collectively they have contributed immensely to the station
In 4 years Rox has seen Leroy grow in confidence and ability, achieving certificates 11 and 111 in Media and completing a traineeship. Leroy’s contribution to Rox is immeasurable and he leaves a lasting impression of the value of having young people involved in community radio.

Runner Up – Rebecca Seabrooke, Life FM

Bec has been involved with Life fM for the past few years and has volunteered hundreds of hours as assistant music director, announcer, admin helper and training school support. This year Bec has taken the helm of Life FM’s 6 night youth program, getting 13 young people involved, trained and participating. Through her effort and leadership Bec is involved in raising up a new generation of community broadcasters.