Bilby Awards 2016

Can’t Get Out Of The Car

Runner Up – Coast FM

Initially this interview was about Lea’s book but took on another facet as she talks about being in Paris in 2015 during a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that killed 130 people.

Lea Rebane interview with Ray Garreffa, Coast FM

Winner – Life FM

For one week in November 2015 fires burned through 86,ooo hectares of scrub and farmland in the mid north of our state. Two people lost their lives and 90 people were hospitalised. Scotty Curtis lives 5 kms away and toured the affected area, meeting with Major Darren Cox of the Salvation Army at the relief centre at Gawler.

Pinery Fires with Scotty Curtis, Life FM



Runner Up– Gulf FM

Kate Amoroso was restrained in a hospital bed, certain that nurses were plotting to murder her and or that she’d died and gone to Hell.

The mother-of-three, former model, racing car driver and sportswoman had everything she wanted in life — until ice addiction took a stranglehold on her world two-and-a-half years ago. Kate, 41, was detained after barricading herself in the room of her Mt Gambier home as police blocked off her street before trying to coax her out.

My Life on Ice, Kate Amorossa with Sonia Kisielecki Gulf FM

Winner – Life FM

Earlier in the year local pastor Kris Guglielmucci was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning during a Youth camp at Mt Barker. Ashari Rainbow was also struck by lightning as she stood next to him. She survived and recalls how she felt immediately after ending up on her back with a hot and heavy pins and needles sensation and electrical current still coursing through her body.

Struck By Lightning, Ashari Rainbow with Jayne Lockert and Sharon Smith


Local Music Program

Runner Up – 5 Triple Z

5 triple Z is our newest community station, operating a temporary community broadcasting licence in the Southern Vales. Triple Z has only been broadcasting since November 2015 and The Local, produced and presented by Mike & Kim has been on air since the beginning. In that time they have promoted almost 400 local musicians and bands, having musicians live in the studio and playing local music for 2 hours every week.

The Local, Kym Maree & Mike Kuijpers, 5 Triple z

Winner – Radio Adelaide

Local Noise plays 100% South Australian music for 2 hours every week, generally including a live 30 minute set from a full band. Over 52 weeks Local Noise hosted 41 live sets from local bands. They hosted a Beards retrospective when the band announced their retirement, invited a bunch of musicians into the studio when the Reclink Cup came to town, hosted 4 electronic artists when Futuresounds threw a party in June and finished off the year with a countdown of the 50 most played artists. A massive effort for the Local Noise team on Radio Adelaide.

Local Noise, Radio Adelaide


Station ID, station promo or program promo

Runner Up – Radio Adelaide

Student Radio moved from being in mid week late night slots to one big slab running Friday nights from 6pm to 1am. This program promo does exactly what it needed to, let listeners tuning in during the week that ‘if this were a Friday, you’d be listening to student radio’.

Student Radio Promo, Rob Lawry and Sophie Atkinson, Radio Adelaide

Winner – Coast FM

This promo came about because of listener feedback asking for more of their favourite music. The team at Coast wanted listeners to know that community radio is for the community and sometimes there will be talk based programs and all genres of music are played with all tastes in music satisfied at some time over the week.

Community is all about Variety – Karin Petrus – Coast FM



Runner Up –Rox FM

A fun message that the Roxby community instantly related to; how to care for your pet while away over Christmas. The success of this sponsorship message was evident when all vacancies for pet care at the Roxby clinic were filled, providing a good result for the business and the pets of the community.

Pet Care at Roxby Vets, Ross Wilson- Rox FM

Winner – Fresh 92.7

After the very successful 2014 sponsorship campaign, The Wash wanted to continue their sponsorship on Fresh 92.7. With the concept of the voice starting off muddy and gradually becoming cleaner, the sponsor loved the end result and noticed an increase in customers who listen to Fresh 92.7 – a perfect result for the business and the station.

The Wash – Dirty to Clean, Marty Haros, Fresh FM


Outside Broadcast

Runner up – Radio Adelaide

‘Audio Synthesis – plants on radio’ was a two and a half hour show broadcast as part of National Science week 2015. Set up in the Botanic Gardens Bicentenial Conservatory, the broadcast was central to foot traffic enjoying the Plants to Pixels: exposing photosynthesis SALA exhibition. This enabled interactions between the presenters and the many school groups visiting the exhibition. As a result of the broadcast Radio Adelaide has maintained links with a number of the organisations interviewed, conducting further interviews on other programs. The podcast of the broadcast has received fantastic response and one organisation reported getting 5 more registrations to their upcoming event within 15 minutes of the broadcast. A great result all round.

‘Audio Synthesis – plants on radio’ Radio Adelaide

Winner – WOWfm

This Outside Broadcast was a collaboration between Way Out Wes broadcasters and the RSL Henley Beach Sub branch. It took place on Sunday evening, April 24 for the mounting of the Youth Vigil Guard and the dawn service on Anzac day. The broadcast was very respectful of the occasion and excellent recording of ambient sounds really gave the listener a sense of being there. Response from WOW listeners who can no longer attend Anzac services confirmed the approach with many of them contacting the station to thank them for the privilege of being included in a local community Anzac service.

Youth Vigil and Anzac Day Dawn Service, Way Out West Community Broadcasters

Winner – Life FM

A very ambitious OB from Life FM, who for a month, broadcast their breakfast and drive programs live from Madagascar on board the African Mercy, a floating charity hospital that brings hope and healing to the poorest of the poor. Pete & Scotty interviewed doctors, nurses, patients and crew, giving listeners an inside view of this amazing ship. Life FM brought the plight of these people right into the homes of listeners, which brought about a huge response in donations and volunteers for fundraising events. A mammoth task for the team at Life FM and something that had their Christian community responding in a very Christian way.

On Board the African Mercy, Life FM


Sports Broadcast.

Runner Up – WOWfm

Fraser, Joe & Chris are all under 21 and have been at WOW for 3 years. They love community radio because it allows them to develop skills and to interact with and share their joy of sport with the local community. Fiasco Sports provides an outlet for grassroots sports that don’t generally receive media exposure. Fiasco sports is a 2 hour program devoted to local and interstate sporting events, sometimes sparking debate and analysis.

Fiasco Sports, WOW fm

Winner – ROX FM

Local football clubs are the nucleus of every country town and Roxby Downs is no exception. The Far North Football League stretches from Woomera to Coober Pedy, a distance of 400 kms. Most weeks in the footy season Rox FM broadcasts 2 games back to back, around 5 hours of live broadcast. The program is also rebroadcast to the Coober Pedy community on Dusty FM.

With people in their cars at the footy, at work, at home and ex Roxby-ites listening online, the broadcast continues to be extremely popular, is a good source of revenue for the station and contributes to the strength of the football clubs in the Far North League.

Far North Football League, Ross Wilson, Rox FM


Community Engagement

Runner up – Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide, Australia’s longest running community station, faced potential closure after the University of Adelaide sold the station’s building to help fund its new medical school. The Save Radio Adelaide campaign brought an outpouring of support from the station’s community, generating wide media interest, producing a 6000 strong petition, a vote of support passed in the SA Parliament, letters sent to local politicians, and submissions sent in response to the University of Adelaide’s discussion paper. The community support given to the station during this tumultuous time gave staff and volunteers the motivation and strength to continue to fight for their station.

Save Radio Adelaide Campaign, Radio Adelaide

Winner – Coast FM

Last year Coast FM approached the Marion Council to suggest that the Australia Day citizenship ceremony be held during Coast FM’s annual Oz music day. Receiving Australian citizenship can be an emotional experience for many, so a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere is essential. On January 24th 2016 the Mayor pronounced citizenship for 20 people, in front of family, friends and over 2000 people in the park surrounding Coast FM. Coast volunteers ran a True Blue Aussie BBQ, the Weekend Warriors provided live music and Coast broadcast live throughout the day. Marion’s newest citizens enjoyed their introduction to Aussie hospitality and commented on the wonderful atmosphere; their families and friends were welcomed by everyone and lots of new friends were made. Coast gained many new listeners and members as a result, plus the event cemented the station’s relationship with one of the councils in its broadcast area.

Oz Music Day Naturalisation Ceremony, Coast FM


Small Station of the Year

The 2016 Small Station of the year is – 100.5 WOW FM

WOW FM is a sub metro station based in Semaphore. Their community interest is the western suburbs, from Outer Harbour through to Grange and across to Woodville.

This makes WOW FM the Small Station of the Year for 3 consecutive years, an amazing achievement.

In the last 12 months WOW:

  • Has completed a second studio enabling production, training, live phone interviews and providing a spare studio.
  • Has redesigned their website to include better streaming, a community calendar & photo gallery.
  • Were again invited to broadcast the Henley Beach Youth ANZAC day Youth Vigil and dawn service.
  • Has provided career opportunities for volunteers with two announcers gaining employment in radio interstate.

Funding through the CBF allowed Six announcers to gain a Certificate II in creative industries. WOW are currently negotiating with 2 local schools to facilitate on-air training for year 6 and 7 students, to have more youth involvement in the station and provide a voice for young people in their community.

The station continues to run a sausage sizzle fortnightly, engaging with their community and raising more than 35% of their total revenue. The achievements of WOW fm volunteers are even more remarkable when you consider their budget is less than a third of a station manager’s annual salary.

Congratulations WOW FM Small Station of the Year!


Youth Contribution

Runner up – Luke Wilton, Fresh 92.7

Luke joined Fresh 92.7 in 2014 and since then has worked across every area of the content department. From loading music and shows, to liaising with specialty DJs and providing support with broadcast and DJ studio gear, Luke is responsible for many of those unseen jobs that are vital. Luke also oversees the music research initiative The Drop Shop and updates the survey each week ready for listeners to contribute. From writing scripts to contributing to the digital side of Fresh Luke has contributed to the running of nearly every area of Fresh 92.7.

Congratulations Luke.

Winner – Angus Millikan, Gawler Broadcasting Association

Very often young people want to be involved in all the fun stuff of being on air. Angus, however, pretty much straight from school, has been treasurer for two years. He was involved with the opening and setting up of the bank account and presents a finance report to all board meetings. Angus is a member of the Finance, Administration and Grants committee that also involves monthly meetings. He helps new members record their podcasts and during the Gawler Fringe was part of the interviewing team. Angus is always looking to learn more, he gets involved and makes suggestions. He gets on well with everyone and is a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Angus


Volunteer of the Year


Darren Hibby Hibbard, Gulf FM

Hibby has been with Gulf FM since the station started. He has been on many boards, has been vice chair and is currently chairperson. He has trained many new announcers, organises regular announcer BBQs and is first on site for functions, working bees and clean ups. Although not a techie, Hibby is at the station most nights and weekends; maintaining equipment, fixing problems and liaising with the IT volunteers. Gulf FM is currently relocating it’s transmission site and Hibby is involved in things like fencing, organising cranes, chasing up power, shovelling dirt and so much more. He is a brickie by trade but will down tools if he gets a call relating to transmission problems, no matter where he is on the peninsula.

Hibby is always ready to listen to suggestions to improve Gulf FM and has given so much to the station over the years – the consensus being ‘the station wouldn’t exist without Hibby’.

Congratulations Darren Hibby Hibbard!


Winner – Shiona Marks, Coast FM

Shiona joined COAST FM in 2003 and since that time she has given Coast:

  • 10 years as Office Volunteer, including working on the Membership database, Website updates & Newsletters
  • 4 years assisting with Training for new presenters
  • 9 years grant writing
  • 6 years fundraising time, working on Open Days, Cabarets and Quiz Nights
  • 3 years on the programming committee
  • 8 years 
coordinating Bilby award entries and conference registrations
  • 4 years on the Board, including 3 years as Vice Chair and 1 year as Secretary

Many years of On-Air Programs including Breakfast, 6 O’Clock Rock, Choose Your Own, Tossing & Turning and Stage & Screen

Shiona was also COAST FM Volunteer of the Year in 2010.

A massive effort, congratulations Shiona!