Bilby Awards 2018

2018 Bilby Awards results – congratulations!

Can’t Get Out Of The Car

Runner Up – The Miscellany Podcast, from Gawler Community Broadcasting Association

Produced by Lisa Simmons, about a spider appearing in your helmet while riding a bike, this was a great example of storytelling that had the judges gripped to find out what happened next.

Winner – The Brain Chamber, Rox FM

Produced and presented by Adrian Friedel, Sarah Curtis and Jordan Curtis, the Brain Chamber is a quiz show that has been building in popularity in the few months since it began. With creative use of questioning and sound effects, the tension builds to the extent that it had listeners yelling the answers at their radios.



Runner Up  – Barry Neylon, Gawler Community Broadcasting Association

Barry interviewedRaelene Bennier from Uniting Care, her experiences in helping people who are disadvantaged and her positivity made for an uplifting interview.

Runner Up – Chris Crebbin and Victor Weetra, Yarnin Country, Radio Adelaide

The presenters talk to Karina Lester to gain insight into the personal experiences that motivated her to become part of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Having lost her father Yami Lester, a survivor of the Maralinga testing, she travelled to Hiroshima and tabled a report to the UN, contributing to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and winning the campaign the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

WinnerEmily Sutherland, 5MBS

Emily talked to Adelaide based composer Becky Llewellyn. In a relaxed, informed and well produced interview, they take us through Becky’s long and varied career, gaining insight into the experiences and challenges of a woman working in classical music for over 4 decades.


Best Local Music Program

Runner Up – This is our Sound, PBA FM

The aim of the show is to help listeners to discover their new favourite band or artist. Local and interstate artists are interviewed regularly, there’s live on air performances, and local bands love to premier their new releases on the show. The show has formed a strong relationship with local musicians who trust and know their music is featuring on community radio and social media.

WinnerHomebrewed/Apocalypse Wow, WOWfm.

For 2 years, Homebrewed has proudly been playing only South Australian music. The show has an emphasis on what’s happening in the local scene and entire shows are often dedicated to upcoming gigs and festivals including interviews, guest dj sets and live performances of many of the bands involved. Homebrewed pride’s itself to support as much local music as one man can manage and particularly likes to play heavier music that might not get played on other shows.


Best Station ID, Station or Program Promo

Runner Up – Dave McLennan, Dave’s Video Graveyard, WOWfm

This promo for a film show is written and produced by Dave McLennan and voiced by Rick Whelan in the style of a cheesy 80s action film trailer voiceover. It’s a creative piece that clearly shows the humour of the sho

Winner – Josh Mensch & Kyron Weetra, Huge News, Radio Adelaide

In a world beyond fake news and truths is the absurdist surrealism of Huge News, enacted by Josh Mensch, Kyron Weetra and a team of kooky characters and writers who serve to give you a bubble of chaotic pastiche and belly-laughing, thought-provoking bliss.


Sponsorship Message

Runner Up – Flight Centre byDavid Byrne & Tommy Kaye, Coast FM

A fresh take on a business that’s known for air travel but does a whole lot more. A sponsorship message that worked so well for the client they replaced their professionally produced message with this one.

Winner – Kirby’s Car Detailing, Dion Woodman, 2DRY FM

The company budget was very tight so they designed a campaign that had less daily rotations, but with a message that would cut through. The announcement was one of three different versions that went to air – all funny and effective.


Outside Broadcast

Runner up – Coast FM, Adelaide Chrysler Festival

This year the Adelaide Chrysler Festival was held at the Tonsley Factory Site. It was a day of celebration for cars coming back to the site where they were made, many workers coming back to their old workplace and many visitors from interstate visiting for the very first time. This event was of particular interest to Coast FM’s community and the station worked with the Chrysler Club, the local council and the community stakeholders to provide an insight into a special day, through interviews with many of the car owners and their fans telling interesting anecdotes of their love for all things Chrysler.

Runner up – Three D Radio, Reclink Community Cup

Three D Radio returned to the Reclink Community Cup in 2017, a much-adored charity football match which pits some of the state’s best musicians and media personalities against each other in a football match of hilarity, fumbles and mate-ship, raising awareness and funds for Reclink Australia for arts and sport programs for disenfranchised and disadvantaged communities in South Australia. Three D broadcast from the event at Coopers Stadium, including game commentary, player interviews and anecdotes and getting out on the pitch to play.

Winner – 1079 Life

Scott Curtis was invited to The Philippines to witness the life changing work of the Christian Blind Mission. In a remote village, Scott met a local man in his 70s who had been experiencing cataract blindness for over a decade. The broadcast tells the story of Alfredo’s optical procedure and shares the removal of his eye-patch confirming the restoration of his sight. Broadcasting live from the Philippines, the event raised more than 800 donations from Adelaide listeners to support the work of the charity.


Sports Broadcast.

Runner Up – Lofty Community Media Incorporated, Hills Football League Call of The Wild

Lofty Community Media have formed an important partnership with the Hills Football League, the second largest Australian Rules Football league in South Australia, with over 3,000 registered players across 19 clubs. Lofty has taken on the live streaming, on demand audio, web distribution, and FM broadcasting rights for all Hills Football League coverage including the introduction of on-demand steaming of interviews and past games, and syndication of matches to community radio stations outside of the Adelaide Hills.

Winner – Siren to Siren/Match of the Day, TRIBE FM

Tribe FM produce two linked sports programs. Siren to Siren runs all year round, covering all sports in the southern community including local cricket, Baseball and Netball. And Match of the Day is broadcast during the local football season covering Southern and Great Southern Football Games, with special guests ringing in from both leagues.

The Sports team is “The Captain” –Simon Brandenburg, “The Golden Voice” – Gary Davenport, “The General” – Craig Warman and “Polly” – Katrine Hildyard.

Winner – Before the Bounce, 2DRY FM

In 2018, for the first time in the station’s history 2DRY FM has been broadcasting local football. Before The Bounce is a 30 minute program broadcast every Saturday morning during football season. “Sprigger” and “Bally” review the team match ups, comment on the previous week’s games and have at least one studio guest. Guests so far have included the captains and coaches of the four local clubs, players achieving milestones (eg a reserves player who has played 500 games) and the Chairman of AFL Broken Hill. The program is informative and presented with a dry sense of humour.


Community Engagement

Runner up – Gawler Community Broadcasting Association

Sedans, Snags and Stories is a History Month event hosted by the GBA Oral History Team with the support of Gawler Environment and Heritage Association, the Gawler Car Club and Gawler National Trust. GBA provided coverage of the event including interviews with the local oral history group and participants from community groups.

Winner – 1079 Life Roadies

The Roadies are a group of volunteers that formed 5 years ago. Each Monday the team goes out to do giveaways at shopping centres to connect with listeners, hear & record their stories and introduce the station to new potential listeners. They take part in events like Pancake Day at Salisbury Uniting Church, Schools Ministry Week, Second Chances SA Op Shop 10th Anniversary Celebration. They reward and recognise community groups and volunteers through the 1079 Life’s “Heart for Adelaide Award” which has been awarded monthly for the last 4 years, visiting groups to present them with the award and record interviews which went to air giving them a platform to promote their work.


Small Station of the Year

Runner Up – Triple Y Whyalla

Triple Y is a small station with 53 members, in a country city of pop 22,000. In the last two years, they have made tremendous progress on all fronts. The main achievements include a renovated new studio to replace the existing, aged technology, the decommissioning of the old studio, renovating a second studio, a major rebranding process and complete website re-design including the introduction of live streaming, online membership and a new members hub.

Winner – 2DRY FM Broken Hill

It has been a watershed year for 2DRY, building on the success of recent years. This year we have continued to achieve the goals set in our 5 year plan by:

– Raising enough funds to complete the a major transmission improvement project

– Building a second studio

– Providing CMTO training to volunteers

– Engaging with the community via numerous outside broadcasts

– Measuring their success by seeking audience feedback

They may only be small but are making big gains and have an exciting future ahead!


Youth Contribution

Winner – Laura Thompson, Triple Y Whyalla

Laura has been an active on air announcer with Triple Y for over two years starting at the age of 14. She hosts her own Saturday morning show called ‘Weekend Detention” and encouraged co-hosts Will and Felicity to join the station providing training and mentoring. Between them, they have come up with youth engagement initiatives including phone-ins interviews and social media quizzes.  Laura is passionate about community radio, presenting a professional Saturday morning show targeted to youth and youth interests.


Volunteer of the Year

Runner Up – John Pedersen, 5MBS

John has been a volunteer with 5MBS since its inception over 26 years ago, and who worked tirelessly in a variety of capacities since. Not only is he a major presenter, mentor and consistent presence in the station, but has also been an active member of the Board of 5mbs, frequently as (volunteer) Station Manager, and been a strong advocate for the station in the community, supporting membership drives and fund raising events. He is strongly committed to the station’s ethos of encouraging and supporting local artists and performances, and has supported and encouraged our recording and broadcasting of local and up-and coming musicians and groups.

Runner up – Samuel Wittwer, Gulf FM.

Samuel got his interest in Radio at an early age, starting at Three D Radio at the age of 11. He joined Gulf FM in 2005 where he maintains the music library, looks after all the computers, and now even resolves issues with the transmission equipment. He is involved in the training of new presenters, is on the Programming and Production team, has been involved in governance for a several years and this year has taken on the task of Treasurer. Sam is described as the station’s only computer expert essentially keeping the station on air at all times.

Winner – Simeon Spargo – Triple Y Whyalla

Simeon was renovating his bathroom and was listening to Triple Y, when he heard the elderly announcer ask for someone to phone the station to help – there was a problem with the computer and he couldn’t play his music. Simeon was concerned, rang the station offering to come and look, and fixed the issue. He has remained involved since, contributing in numerous ways from renovating studios and station facilities, training new members and writing the instruction manual, grant submissions, and designing the new logo. Without his drive and vision, Triple Y would not be what it is today.

Plus our two special “Outstanding Contribution to Community Broadcasters” awards:

Shiona Marks, Vice President from 2006 – 2018

John Channon, Rigger extraordinaire who has kept our collective antennae healthy for many years!

The Bilby Awards Categories

  1. Can’t Get Out of the Car

A segment so riveting you want to keep listening to it, no matter what. Serious, funny, interesting or just plain weird! The segment is clear and easy to understand, is of interest to the stations’ community and engages the listener.

  1. Interview

It’s not just who you are interviewing, it’s what they say or how they say it. Content should be interesting, unique or present an alternative view to the mainstream.The interviewer asks open questions, the subject is relevant to the station’s community, technical presentation is of a high standard

3. Local Music Program

Every community has music. This is for the program that best supports your local musicians, singers or composers. Single program, series, ongoing program or live event. The program provides a platform for music not generally supported through mainstream media and the presenter/s display a high level of knowledge about local music as well as technical excellence.

  1. Best station ID, station promo or program promo

This message shows creativity and effectiveness at promoting your station/program to your community. Made by your station to promote your broadcast. The promo is of high technical standard, is relevant to the station’s community and presents a message that engages and informs listeners.

5.  Best Sponsorship message.

A message that produces an excellent outcome for the station and the sponsor. Made by your station as a paid sponsorship message. The message is of high technical standard, is informative, effective and creative and is relevant to the station’s community.

  1. Outside Broadcast

OBs are a chance to get out there and broadcast in the heart of your community. Simple, complex, big or small; this award recognises effort, community engagement and success for your station. The OB is a special event that meets a community need, is something that could not be usually done in the studio, is of a technically high standard and is well planned and executed.

  1. Sport

Excellence in coverage of sport within your community. Single program, series, interview or reporting that is not generally covered by other media and engages your local community. The program supports local sporting culture, is available to the community that may otherwise not have access to the sport and is engaging, interesting and informative.

  1. Community Engagement

Excellence in promoting your station within your community or encouraging your community to get involved with your station. The station engages extensively with it’s community, the activity is relevant to the community and the activity promotes the station and encourages new listeners, members, volunteers and/or subscribers.

9.    Small Station of the year

Small in numbers but big on achievement. Nominees will have a vibrant volunteer base and will be an important part of their community. Not judged by income but probably turns over less than $100,000 per year. The station will have a clear vision and 5 year plan, follows good governance to ensure sustainability, has interesting and engaging programming that reflects its community. Please include the station’s 2017 Annual report.

Country stations are strongly encouraged to enter.

  1. Youth Contribution

Contribution to a station or stations by a person under 25 years. In recognition of the value of having young people engaged in community broadcasting. The nominee shows support for other young people who are or could be involved with the station, is involved in many aspects of the station and regularly engages with the station’s community.

  1. Volunteer of the Year

A valued volunteer in community broadcasting – someone who gives their time for the benefit of a station or stations and their community. These nominees really do make a difference! This volunteer makes a significant contribution to the station, actively promotes the benefits of the station to its community and has made a positive contribution to the station’s wellbeing.


Entries close Saturday 23 June 2018