New Website

Testing Testing 1….2…3 – Is this Mic on?

Ladies and Gentelmen – Welcome to the all new SACBA website!
We now have an easy way to keep you updated with SACBA news and be able to connect you with like-minded member stations to keep up-to-date with what others are doing.

The SACBA website isn’t just about SACBA though – If you have something you think others could benefit from, or want to know an answer to (…say buying a new studio desk or how others have written their B66 renewal) then let us know and we will get you in touch with the people in-the-know.
SACBA also has a strong technical team to assist when your wanting to apply for a grant to assist in updating your equipment, or when everything just doesn’t work any more.

What ever the question, SACBA is here to help and you may be surprised as to what we can do!

Please have a look around and let us know your thoughts.