2019 Bilby Awards

Here are the Bilby categories and the entry details. Get your stuff together, and submit your nominations for the famous SACBA Bilby Awards.

Download the Entry Form
Printable Version of the Categories

Entries close Monday 24th of June 2019, and will be presented at the SACBA Conference Dinner on the 24th August, 2019.

The Categories are:  (pause, dramatic drum roll)

  1. Can’t Get Out of the Car
  2. Interview
  3. Local Music Program
  4. Best Station ID/Promo or Program Promo
  5. Best Sponsorship Message
  6. Outside Broadcast
  7. Sport
  8. Community Engagement
  9. Small Station of the Year
  10. Youth Contribution
  11. Volunteer of the Year

1) Can’t Get Out of the Car
A segment so riveting you want to keep listening to it, no matter what. Serious, funny, interesting or just plain weird! The segment is clear and easy to understand, is of interest to the stations’ community and engages the listener.

2) Interview
It’s not just who you are interviewing, it’s what they say or how they say it. Content should be interesting, unique or present an alternative view to the mainstream.The interviewer asks open questions, the subject is relevant to the station’s community, technical presentation is of a high standard.

3) Local Music Program
Every community has music. This is for the program that best supports your local musicians, singers or composers. Single program, series, ongoing program or live event. The program provides a platform for music not generally supported through mainstream media and the presenter/s display a high level of knowledge about local music as well as technical excellence.

4) Best station ID, station promo or program promo
This message shows creativity and effectiveness at promoting your station/program to your community. Made by your station to promote your broadcast. The promo is of high technical standard, is relevant to the station’s community and presents a message that engages and informs listeners.

5) Best Sponsorship message
A message that produces an excellent outcome for the station and the sponsor. Made by your station as a paid sponsorship message. The message is of high technical standard, is informative, effective and creative and is relevant to the station’s community.

6) Outside Broadcast
OBs are a chance to get out there and broadcast in the heart of your community. Simple, complex, big or small; this award recognises effort, community engagement and success for your station. The OB is a special event that meets a community need, is something that could not be usually done in the studio, is of a technically high standard and is well planned and executed.

7) Sport
Excellence in coverage of sport within your community. Single program, series, interview or reporting that is not generally covered by other media and engages your local community. The program supports local sporting culture, is available to the community that may otherwise not have access to the sport and is engaging, interesting and informative.

8) Community Engagement
Excellence in promoting your station within your community or encouraging your community to get involved with your station. The station engages extensively with it’s community, the activity is relevant to the community and the activity promotes the station and encourages new listeners, members, volunteers and/or subscribers.

9) Small Station of the Year
Small in numbers but big on achievement. Nominees will have a vibrant volunteer base and will be an important part of their community. Not judged by income but probably turns over less than $100,000 per year. The station will have a clear vision and 5 year plan, follows good governance to ensure sustainability, has interesting and engaging programming that reflects its community. Please include the station’s 2018 Annual report.

Country stations are strongly encouraged to enter.

10) Youth Contribution
Contribution to a station or stations by a person under 25 years. In recognition of the value of having young people engaged in community broadcasting. The nominee shows support for other young people who are or could be involved with the station, is involved in many aspects of the station and regularly engages with the station’s community.

11) Volunteer of the Year
A valued volunteer in community broadcasting – someone who gives their time for the benefit of a station or stations and their community. These nominees really do make a difference! This volunteer makes a significant contribution to the station, actively promotes the benefits of the station to its community and has made a positive contribution to the station’s wellbeing.