Equipment Bank

The SACBA equipment bank is available for member stations; to borrow when breakdowns occur, to try out a new piece of equipment or to experiment with different set-ups. In the equipment bank you’ll find all of this:

  • Solidyne D612 Outside Broadcast 8 channel console with audio over IP
  • Solidyne MX2100 Outside Broadcast 4 channel mini console with audio over 3G
  • Solidyne DX2400 Outside Broadcast 4 channel console with audio over IP
  • Sennheiser HMD-280 headsets
  • Rode Reporter microphone with detachable station ID flag (the mic top with your station logo on it)
  • Barix 500 boxes – audio to IP converters used for streaming, STL and OB applications
  • Deva Broadcast DB90 audio to IP converters – similar to the barix boxes, but with SPDIF
  • Deva Broadcast SmartGen Micro RDS Encoder – display your station’s name on radio screens
  • Elan Merlin 8 broadcast console – fully optioned with remote start and AES/EBU digital output. Plug and play!
  • Elan Falcon 10 broadcast console – larger console with screw terminals rather than plugs and sockets
  • Band Scanner Pro – spectrum analyser and modulation monitor used to calibrate your broadcast signal so that you’re transmitting legally and with the best possible signal
  • Band Scanner GPS – similar to the above unit, but with GPS mapping capabilities so that you can map out your signal strength
  • 25 watt SRK Electronics exciter that can also be used as a stereo generator, exciter & transmitter
  • 100 watt SRK Electronics exciter that can also be used as a stereo generator, exciter & transmitter
  • 500 watt SRK Electronics transmitter (power amplifier)
  • Broadband 500 watt folded dipole antenna
  • 850MHz band STL transmitter & receiver
  • 850MHz yagi antennae
  • 5.8GHz 100Mbit/s Ubiquiti digital data link for OB’s or STL replacement
  • 3G WiFi Netcomm hotspot for instant WiFi internet access for up to ten users
  • Digital oscilloscope – 2 channel 25MHz bandwidth, with FFT
  • 60 watt dummy load – essential for testing your FM transmitter and STL transmitter
  • 3dB, 6dB and 12dB pads – for signal reduction
  • Off-air receiver
  • Jensen Isomax Isolation Transformer – two channel, very high quality, passive unit
  • BW Broadcast DSPX-FM Compressor, Limiter, Stereo Generator
  • Presonus 1818VSL USB audio interface –  an 18 channel unit for high quality multi-track recording on your computer or iPad
  • Behringer ADA8000 – 8 channel analogue to digital (ADAT) converter for use with the Presonus
  • Roland UA-22 Duo Capture – 2 channel USB audio interface for computer or iPad (30 pin connector)
  • Mac Mini computers – very low power consumption PCs that can run Mac OSX, UNIX or bootcamp for whatever version of windows you’re running
  • SARK-110 Antenna analyser (single port Vector Network Analyser) and precision load set for calibrating your antenna and feedline. Covers a range from 0.1MHz to 230MHz
  • RF Explorer Spectrum analyser – handheld unit covering 15MHz to 2700MHz with sensitivity down to -105dBm
  • Numark M103U CD players with USB stick MP3 playout and balanced outputs
  • Numark CDN77USB Dual Drawer CD players with USB stick MP3 playout, remote control panel and remote start
  • Rode smartLav lavalier lapel mic for iPhones and other smartphones
  • Rode iXY mic for iPhones (30 pin connector)
  • iRig PRE iOS mic preamp for smartphones. Allows you to connect XLR mics and signals into your smartphone
  • iRig mic – handeld interview mic for smartphones
  • iPhone 4S pair – for instant high quality mono OB audio using Facetime Audio over 3G mobile (30 pin connector)
  • Epson XGA video projector and screen for meeting presentations
  • Acoustic foam for reducing echo in your studio

The equipment bank isn’t just about getting you back on-air when things break down, it’s also about giving you access to a wide range of equipment to try out new ways of doing things. If you’ve always wanted to try something out, but never had the equipment you needed to actually do it – give us a call and we’ll see if we can help out. That way you can “try before you buy” and work out for sure what works best for you.

Even if what you need isn’t in this list, talk to us anyway. We might know of a station that has what you’re looking for or we might be able to buy it to add to the equipment bank.

A small fee generally applies for use, to assist with freight, repair and replacement costs – usually from $20 for small items to $50 for larger items. Your station must hold the relevant ACMA licences to borrow certain items in the equipment bank. Your station’s Board must approve any equipment bank use and have appropriate insurance in place (often listed as “Property in Physical or Legal Control” in the policy document).

Equipment Bank enquiries – call Tim Borgas on 0411 243 471 or