Bilby Awards 2010

The SACBA Bilby Awards celebrate the contribution community radio makes to our community and encourages high achievement within the sector.

Winners of the 2010 Bilby Awards:

Can’t Get Out Of The Car

A segment so good you want to listen to it no matter what

Winner – Coast FM, Brian & Laura Vercoe

Connie Francis interview – from recording in many languages, competing with the Beatles and losing her voice, to Bobby Darrin and President Kennedy

Runner Up – Radio Adelaide, Catherine Zengerer

Craig Jurisevic Interview Blood on his hands – how an Adelaide surgeon became an insurgent

Best Interview

It’s not who you are interviewing, it’s what they say or how they say it.

Winner – Rox FM, The Scoreboard, Scott Sauerwald and Greg Latham

Darren Lehmann – raising awareness that many of Australia’s top athletes come from country areas and inspiring young cricketers to persevere and have fun
Runner Up – Coast FM, Orange Blossom Special, Christine
Wanda Jackson – The First Lady of Rockabilly and America’s first female Rock and Roll singer

Best Message

The funniest, most polished or most effective Station ID, Program promo or Sponsorship message.

Winner – Coast FM, Snazzi Boutique promo Karen Petrus producer

Runner Up – Radio Adelaide, Barometer Promo Casey Briggs producer

Best Local Music Program

Every community has music and community radio has a responsibility to promote local talent within our communities. This is for the program that best supports music within your own community.

Winner – Radio Adelaide

Songcatcher, a regular program featuring songwriters and composers discussing their work. Claire Thackray and Clayton Werner

Runner Up – Rox FM

The James & Michael Show – with a double first; their first ever interview with a local band who had not been interviewed before.

Best Outside Broadcast

OBs can be difficult and often challenge the resources of a station. They are also a chance to get out there and broadcast in the heart of your community. These entries demonstrate both the challenges and the successes of the broadcasts.

Winner – Trax FM The Smelter’s Picnic

The Smelter’s picnic is an institution in Pt Pirie and attracts people from across the region, from Pt Augusta to Clare and Peterborough. Trax FM broadcast all day from the event and was able to showcase the station as well as the community.

Runner Up – 5GTR FM The Cancer Council’s Relay For Life Mount Gambier.

5GTR was the official broadcaster of the relay for life, from 12 noon Saturday to 11am Sunday, keeping the overnight relay teams awake and broadcasting the presentations. A phenomenal effort!

Best Coverage Of A Sporting Event within your community

Sport is integral to our communities and interest in sport is ever present. This year Blood Sports were the thing!

Winner – Rox FM

The Scoreboard – when the boxing tournament came to town the Scoreboard stepped into the ring!

Runner Up – Radio Adelaide

Adelaide Roller Derby League – From pre match out-psyching to referee low downs, Peter Godfrey Breakfast
Scott Sauerwald, Greg Latham & Travis Gotch

Best Community Event

Best results for your station or your community.

Winner – 5GTR FM

Cancer Council Relay For Life. Broadcasting from the centre of the relay track and managing to keep almost all 800 participants there and awake all night.
5GTR donated all their time and support to the event, which raised over $200,000 for the Cancer Council.

There was no runner up in this category.